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Reviews of Websites, Software, and an Occasional This-Or-That

This is a list of just our website reviews.

Our Criteria Checklist

We evaluate sites using this checklist of 33 items but don't stop there. When your site involves principles that challenge our checklist's thoroughness or logic, we'll work on those issues too, and consider adding them to the list. If your site isn't conducive to the checklist, as occurs on more functional applications, we'll start from a clean slate, as has occurred on a few reviews. Our experience, in fact, is centered around web applications moreso than marketing sites.



2009-Jan-24 Review of
2009-Jan-19 Review of, a loyalty program vendor.
2008-Jun-13 Review of, a vendor of a hardware temperature device for server rooms
2008-Jan-26 Statistics Canada, review of governmental info agency
2007-Dec-25, an online purveyor of advertising promo materials.
2007-Sep-2, the ultimate "municipal" site?
2007-Apr-14 Qabiria, a new translation services site
2007-Feb-10, a visual search site for retail shopping
2007-Jan-31 James City County Website, review of a public county's site
2006-Sep-10 MakeTime, review of an Ajax-based, Addin Search Panel
2006-Sep-02 4.0
Streamlined review of academic site.
2006-Jul-9 Review of Hitech Solutions
2006-May-29 Review of
Learn how one great web app turns learners into users in no time flat, with 28 specific learnability techniques...
2006-Mar-20 Review of, an offshore software developer
2006-Feb-4 Review of a GenericDB Database Web App
2005-Nov-11 Review of a bible site... was it Jakob Neilsen that said "Simplicity is next to Godliness?"
2005-Apr-12 Review of ... Is Flashy Friendly? A very modern, personal site of and by a web expert.
2004-Sep-27 Review of an industrial design site from Pune. You know where that is, right?
2003-Jun-20 Steve Krug's Book, "Don't Make Me Think"
A book report?! What's that doing here? Let's call it the 7 habits of highly successful websites.
2003-Jun-16 V-Span
Distance technology site with some content basics and some online functionality.
2003-May-12 A SHOOTOUT! CSU's CompSci vs. Computer Information Science
Who has the better website the algorithm-ers or the MBA's who call them for support? And the winner is...
2003-Apr-24 Cambrian College
Nice college website!
2003-Apr-10 HR Technology Group
A human resources consulting site. Good example of general purpose, Yellow Pages style concerns.

Other Heuristic Checklists

Take a look at some of these other checklists for web design:

Duke University 1996 Checklist by Dr. Nancy Everhart, 2 pages approximately 40 items. Simple, content-centric, a little dated but good emphasis on authentic value. Inspired us to start on another checklist design, a tree-style one that starts with the broadest trunk of "Visitors Get What They Came For."

Xerox Corporation, Deniese Pierotti's Heuristic Evaluation - A System Checklist, a 20-page usability checklist. Lots of valuable information but probably sags under its own weight, as is typical of big-company stuff, in that it tries to exhaust every UI notion and in so doing becomes a treatise not a tool.


"There is always a tradeoff between the convenience of the programmer and the convenience of the user. " —I've always believed that this was from Peter Norton, but I've never been able to substantiate it.

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