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Design Gallery

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Intro/"What Am I?"/Welcome Pages
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See also Learnability Gallery... a page with examples specifically demonstrating just-in-time info, and

an older Design Gallery from the days of my GenericUI project.

  • A visual library of layout and interaction techniques, patterns (to use the current parlance).
  • Collect and learn from state-of-the-art solutions.
  • 2009-Feb-20

Art/Color Schemes

Home Page

Good Overall Design

Nice Web20 Aesthetics

Lots of whitespace, stark tabs, blues, sans serif fonts, soft body element colors

Side Panels

Home Pag


Nice dog-eared treatment for callout box (washed out from my screen capture?)

Popup Dialog, Lightbox effect

Color, Layout





Progress indication, wait

Print reciept, confirmation



View as Single Page

Account Reg Feedback

Time Zones

Options Right in Field

Clear Button on Field

Notice the X.

Video Controls

Form, State Lookup

Actually a little odd. Secondary window is from the Use Abbreviations link on State field, but shows unusual entries, not US states.

Layout, art

Look at this, a brick-and-mortar entry... a local public transit sign






Intro/"What Am I?"/Welcome Pages

In an email





Survey fork in road

Shows good choice of button controls and wording.

Refer your friends page

Prompting to pay for a novel service

Messaging/Embedded Help/Just-in-Time Info

Regressive (?) Help (opposite of progressive disclosure)


Getting started popup

Inline Progress indication... on button

Inline Progress indication... in menu

Beta, new version, intercept prompt

Nice overall layout, message format

Message for editability window

Explaining a lag time

Instruction for cookies



Keep Logged in

Minimalist, concise, simple registration

Ubiquitous Login

Ubiquitous Login, Embedded Labels

I'll bet even the Login button goes away in the future since logging in requires the keyboard anyway.





Ecommerce, table, product details


Follow vs share distinction


Revision History

  • 2009-June-20: Lots of accumulated content added
  • 2009-Feb-20: Created

"My interest in usability arose from the pain and tears of patching the wounds of suffering interface designs with the inadequate bandages of help files and user guides." — Daniel Cohen

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