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Improving user interface design through simple communication improvements and lessons learned repeatedly in computerdom. Bellis' Law: "For every computer problem, even many hardware problems, there is a simple solution to the user interface." More...

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Winning the Business Softwar
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Winning the Business Softwar by Jack Bellis, a free book on usability

Bold tactics to help you get on the winning side of the software revolution and get the productivity you've been expecting. This 46-page print-it-yourself book has straightforward ideas for getting business software to work for you.

Download it now (203K PDF)

Other Books by Jack Bellis

Based on ideas in the author's previous book, Computers Stink. Out of print but available soon online.

Another book by Jack Bellis: It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI Theory & Therapy for Computer Professionals

Just the medicine you're looking for if your arms ache after a hard day at the computer keyboard. Written by a veteran technical writer who suffers from a repetitive strain injury (RSI), and a physical therapist who's specialized in treating such injuries, it offers a new perspective on the problem. When those aches and pains don't go away after a good night's sleep, It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is where serious RSI sufferers are turning for answers.

Available at
Suparna Damany and Jack Bellis
Published by Simax, Philadelphia, PA
ISBN 0-9655109-9-9

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